For many years, we took photographs and video using a mast, mainly of property, allowing us to provide a different perspective of the subject. We now use drones and their advanced technological facilities which gives more versatility and allows choice from more angles to end up with the perfect dynamic and spectacular image or video. Bernard Simpson is registered as a drone flyer with the CAA, licensed and fully insured. We are very reasonably priced with roof surveys, for example starting at £175.00.

Property: for individual home owners and estate agents to show a dynamic view of a property.

Agriculture: help grow crops, vegetables and fruit using our mapping service. Greater yields more economically. Proof for Environmental Grants

Roofing Surveys: No more helicopters or cherry pickers to inspect roofs and chimneys. Economic, efficient and quick, insurance risk and assessment.

Infrastructure Surveys: ideal for house builders, planners, national & local government agencies, national grid and pylon inspections, insurance risk and assessment.

Tourism: Ideal for out of the way Camp and Glamping sites and places of interest.

Hotels and Holiday Centres: ideal for hotel complexes, golf courses, holiday caravan parks. 

When planning a drone shoot, we always takes into consideration four things; Safety of all those who need to involved and the general public; The weather conditions must be right – no rain or fog and not too much wind; the geographical position of the target of the shoot and surrounding properties; and finally, that we conform to any data protection requirements.

Bernard Simpson also takes photographs at equine shows, sporting events and private functions for individuals.