Elevated photography and video is becoming more and more widely available at a reasonable cost and is being used more and more for all types of imagery with the use of drone technology. We are experienced in the taking of elevated photography and video and are currently obtaining a commercial license from the registered authorities without which it is illegal to use a drone for any commercial activity.

SeeĀ  below some of the more usual applications where this technology lends itself so well. (Some of the images shown are taken from video)

As with this image, it makes it much easier for estate agents to show the surrounding area to a property and often gives a more appealing and better dynamic for internet marketing and to a brochure

Excellent for surveyors who need to inspect a roof, guttering and other inaccessible areas on a house or larger building whether a factory, barn, church etc. Drone imagery very often negates the need for expensive scaffolding and the use of ladders bearing in mind health and safety issues.

Aerial photography and video can enhance marketing media for tourism and events. I can show an area of outstanding natural beauty, a country house in many different and interesting ways. With video, it is possible to give the viewer an better experience of what an event or tourist attraction can offer..

Aerial imagery is also very useful for building projects or inspection of pipelines, masts, water towers and other difficult places to reach without having to build or source infra structure to enable the obtaining of media. Also this can be very advantageous for time lapse photography.

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