Drone Video & Photography

Despite what you may hear, a drone photographic or video shoot takes time and care to produce images and video to the best advantage for the client and safety of everyone else. Our drone operator Bernard Simpson is a fully qualified and insured drone pilot and registered with the CAA. 


Have a lovely property in great surroundings? Show it off at its most advantageous. Prices start from £95.00. It could be the best investment a property seller makes?


Helping Farmers and Growers to manage and obtain the best yields from their crops in a more economic way using drone technology; thus saving their businesses money.

Tourism & Places of Interest

Showing places off at their best whether holiday cottages, holiday parks, country houses, hotels, camp and glamping sites or just spectacular scenery.

Surveying & Planning Etc

Roof surveys and other structures requiring imagery with height, a drone is becoming an invaluable tool for proper inspection. Local and national government forward planning and boundary confirmation can all be achieved economically with a drone.

There are three parts to any shoot,  however simple and easy it may look.

There is the planning stage where considerations of safety of everyone involved and especially those who are not, needs to be addressed

The weather needs careful monitoring to ensure that the wind, cloud cover and rain amount due or has already fallen is evaluated.

The geographical positioning of the shoot should be accessed in order that no property is  damaged and no data protection rules are broken.

Then there is the shoot itself, which if the planning has been done carefully and correctly will be a relatively simple and finally, the images and or video have to be processed as necessary for the client.

All our pricing is dependant on each shoot and are quoted individually; but start as low as £95.00. to include three to four processed images.