At Goldeneye, we recognised the value of ‘elevated photography’ for property in the early 2000s. We had a mast in those days to provide an extra dimension to an image to encourage more people to look and make offers on properties. Now we use drones for the same purpose, but given more freedom of movement with a drone, our images are even better than those we took with a mast all those years ago.

For many properties, particularly rural ones, giving a full aspect of a property from an elevated position can add an enormous amount of extra value to any brochure, whether on the internet or paper written. For some, videos may also be an extraordinary useful tool to help enhance the particulars of a property – also taken with the drone at the same time as the still images. 

When prospective buyers see the availability of a property, the first thing they look at is the images which accompany the sales details. This is why a dynamic quality images and videos of a property and its surrounding is so important. Good images make the difference between a prospective purchaser continue to look seriously at the property and also to make sure that the property is put on the ‘ saved’ list for future re-looking.