Terms & Conditions

sale of photographic and video film products either at shows, phone or email from our office or off this site.

Prices are correct at time of printing but may be changed without prior notice.

All photographs sold directly from this site are for personal use only.

Photographs can be used for personal social sites, for example personal ‘facebook’ pages.

They are not allowed to be used for any type of commercial use, for example advertising a horse for any purpose whatsoever without first obtaining permission from Goldeneye. This includes the use of any photograph/image on all web sites and on any commercial facebook or other social media sites used for commercial benefit. Please note that there may well be further costs incurred for commercial use.

We do not email photographs except in exceptional circumstances and the decision whether to allow a photograph to be sent electronically is entirely at the discretion of Goldeneye and is not subject to negotiation.

Goldeneye reserves the right not to sell any product to any person and furthermore does not have to give any reason for any refusal of sale.

Videos/DVDs and USB memory sticks and video footage sent by email sold either at shows or over the phone are deemed to be used for personal use only. Posting footage on personal facebook pages and personal youtube is allowed.

Permission must be sought for any commercial use of a video, for example to advertise a horse for any reason whatsoever, to include posting on any web site to include youtube. To breach this condition is a breach of Goldeneye’s copyright and is an offence under international Copyright Legislation.

While Goldeneye will always strive to provide quality products together with a quality service, products can very occasionally be damaged in transit or in production. In these very rare cases, Goldeneye will strive to replace the goods or make a refund provided that they are informed of a complaint within 21 days of the product’s dispatch.

Where a customer changes their minds about an order on the internet and decides they no longer want or require the item ordered, Goldeneye may refund the total cost to the customer LESS £5.00  to cover administrative and commission costs from the credit card processor for orders up to £50.00. Over £50.00 orders will be subject to a reduction of 3.5% of the total of the value of the order.

Please note that cookies may be utilised when you look at this site. We do not use any information gathered from cookies.

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