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We pride ourselves in that we provide a seamless, quality live stream service, mainly from equestrian events. We have honed our productions to ensure that the live stream can be viewed on any type of media, whether PC, tablet or smart phone. We have our own CDN platform and satellite system for up loading video, so there is always enough bandwidth at venues.

What is Live Stream? Live stream is when the event is shown live. There are no frills. What the camera sees is what the viewer gets live as it happens on any media, PC, tablet or smart phone. Sometimes, it is possible to include basic graphics and commentary with live stream. It is a very cost effective method to show an event. ‘Live stream’ should not be mixed up with ‘live broadcast’, ¬†which is usually a multi camera operation, together with commentary, complete graphics, slow motion, re-runs, interviews, and with full outside broadcast paraphernalia. In comparison, live stream is a much less expensive way of showing an event live, due to the number of operators and equipment required for live broadcast. The cost difference is thousands of pounds per day.

If required we can also produce a video on demand, showing the highlights of an event for viewers to watch long after the event has finished..


Charles Stanley British Masters Show. South View E.C. July 2017
Watch the highlights of the Charles Stanley British International CSI 2* Show from South View Equestrian Centre. featuring the top three combinations from the Small Tour British Masters at 1.30m - The Amateur British Masters at 1.20m and the Charles ... 17 0 1579 secs
British Show Jumping Spring Championships. Championship Day
This video shows the six winners from the six championship classes at this show. All six classes were run under the A10 rule. 856 0 1088 secs
Jane Holderness-Roddam.West Wilts August 2015
This video shows Jane Holderness-Roddam coming out of retirement for one special performance to celebrate West Wilts Equestrian Centre's fiftieth
British Eventing Affiliated show in August 2015. It shows her complete dressage and showjumping phases and highlights of her cross ...
81 0 409 secs
A Tribute to Valegro.
This video is a tribute to the famous and world champion dressage horse Valegro, ridden by Charlotte Dujardin throughout his illustrious career. Winner of three Gold Olympic medals and countless other world breaking titles, Valegro retired in December 2016. 91 0 616 secs
The British Dressage Team of Rio 2016
This video shows the last competitive competition of each of the four members of the British Dressage Squad sent to the Olympic Games in Rio in 2016, and who won the Team Silver Medal. The team were Charlotte Dujardin, Carl ... 54 0 1886 secs
The British Paralympic Dressage Gold Team
Watch this video showing the five members of the British Paralympic dressage team at Hartpury, their last opportunity to compete before flying to Rio. The riders comments and excitement as the five riders collectively return with a haul of eleven ... 33 0 1463 secs
The World Young Dressage Horse Champion Keystone Dimaggio 2000
See again the complete final test which won Keystone Dimaggio and Suzanne Davies the World Young Dressage Horse Championship from Arnheim in Holland in the year 2000. Hear the judges' comments on the test and a short comment from Suzanne ... 108 0 457 secs
Equestrian Paralympic GOLD Tribute 2016
As there appeared to be no TV coverage or live stream coverage of the equestrian sport at the Paralympic Games in Rio. We have posted our own tribute of the British Medalists instead.Enjoy 29 0 1263 secs
JAS Open Final Nankin Des Ruette Alicia Hawker
This s the winning round of the BE JAS (Jumping and Style) Open Championship at Hartpury on February 21st 2016.
It features Nankin Des Ruette ridden by Alicia Hawker, who won in tightly fought contest. The BE JAS competition is ...
Charlotte Dicker riding Sabatini at Addington
Charlotte Dicker rides the 'dancing horse' Sabatini in her freestyle test. One of the highlights for us, of the show.
British Dressage explain new competition structure
British Dressage explain the new competition structure in the UK, and how it will affect competitors, their horses and their path in future competitions.
Grand Prix complete
Watch this complete Grand Prix from Addington Manor EC in the UK. 25 riders pit their wits in this Winter Grand Prix competition 20 0 4355 secs
Addington Carriage Driving November 2015
See this fast moving sport. 4 horses in hand going at break neck speed round and though obstacles. Has to be seen to be believed!! 93 0 1441 secs
Jane Holderness Roddam West Wilts August 2015
A Video special, taken on 18th August 2015 of Jane Holderness - Roddam, who came out of retirement to compete at West Wilts Equestrian Centre on behalf of her two charities, Brooke and World Horse Welfare. This is the first ...
Madden KGV 2014 shown again 2015
Beezie Madden, winner of back to back King George V Gold Cup in 2014 and 2015. A back to back feat not achieved since 1962
Willow Kemp Loan Star Winner Badminton Young Dressage Horse 2015
The winner of the Albion Badminton young Dressage horse 2015. Willow Kemp riding Loan Star
Winner Trevor Breen in Hickstead Derby 2015
Congratulations go to Trevor Breen winning the Hickstead Derby on Loughnatousa WB owned by Patricia Brown and looked after and managed by Bernice Cuthbert and her team at Aston Park Stud/. Goldeneye were there filming all the action in ...

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